Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week One - Main Idea

Hello Everyone!

John Stuckey and Ritwik Lodhiya present to you... Speed Demon!

We are both Electrical Engineering students at the University of Pennsylvania and currently taking a class in Embedded Systems and Microcontrollers (ESE 350). This blog is about our final project, a game designed to be played on a LED board. So what is Speed Demon you may ask?

Here is the *original* idea, Rollerball:

This picture is a rough idea of what our project idea is. Using a tri-color LED board, we will create a game which has a rolling ball going through a maze that is lit up by the LEDs. A remote node with an attached accelerometer will determine how fast the ball will roll down. The player's objective is to roll down without running into the walls or obstacles, and higher scores will result from faster and longer traveling!

The challenges of the project were:
- Configure a 16x16 tri-color LED board
- drive LEDs in separate modes (ball, obstacles, wall, etc)
- remote control
- software for controlling wall, speeds, etc.
- add other optional features such as display names, high score memory, play again options etc.

So what is Speed Demon now?

The subsequent blog posts will explore the evolution of the game. The game in its current state has an accelerometer connected to a steering wheel and a improvised drive shaft from a potentiometer to control speed. There are no obstacles / power ups and the game is only in one color.

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