Thursday, April 29, 2010

Week Four - Finalization, Presentation and Demo!

This week was the week we completed work on the final project. This is also the week we decided to rename our project from Rollerball! to Speed Demon! Thus the redone website :).

Final Demo Video:

This week we finished designing the game. We added a few things:
1) Different speed settings with a potentiometer
2) wheel /accelerometer for direction
3) multifunctional button for game start, input
4) radio to play different songs
5) high score list and play again options

Accelerometer without wheel attached

Drive Shaft connected to potentiometer for speed control

Final List of Project Features:

Random wall (track) movements
-Accomplished by Zener diode from ground to ADC

Accelerometer-based steering and interaction
-Sensor + ADC

Intro screen
-Scrolls title, credits (our names)

Multifunctional button
-Debouncing has been included so unwanted actions will not occur
-Button-start gameplay
-No need for keyboard-terminal interaction

Hi Score list
-keeps track of top 5 player's scores, initials
-displays on terminal
-Letter select is done by steering the wheel through the alphabet, then selecting with the button (I think this is an awesome feature)
-Initials display on LED board and terminal as they are selected

-through buzzer via PWM
-3 songs can play during driving: Yankee Doodle, Camptown Races, When the Saints Go Marching In
-switch stations by pressing the button
-plays faster when driving faster, slower when driving slower

-X comes on screen
-buzzer goes off
-if its a hi score, goes to the select screen for initials
-displays hi score list
-goes to intro screen

Screen shot of the Terminal. Shows High score list.

Board displays the maker's names before game start

Inner Workings - Decoder, Zener Diode, Debouncing circuit and lots of tape!

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